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Container Store Shoe Box Review

Recently, there has been much debate among sneaker collectors about the best ways to store, display and protect one’s shoe collection or prized collectibles. Many sneaker collectors and shoe enthusiasts own more shoes than the average person ranging anywhere from a hundred to thousands of pairs. The average worth of a person’s collection can also be evaluated in a similar fashion.

Yet, when it comes to finding the best ways to store your shoes, one definitely has to consider several factors including cost, quality and functionality of the product. Here we take a closer look at the advantages of using the Container Store drop face boxes in comparison to Looksee Designs™ “Le Petite"

What will it cost to store your entire collection with the Container Store shoe box?

Of course it depends on the number of shoes in your collection. But, let’s assume you are at the lower end of this hypothetical scale, in terms of quantity, with the number of pairs in your collection averaging 100 pairs. At $9.99 for each Container Store drop face (men’s box), it will cost you on average $1000 to store your collection. In contrast, to store the same amount of shoes with the Looksee Designs™ “Le Petite” it will cost you a lot more, but as some Looksee Designs™ customers have attested--the benefits far outweigh the cost. But, don’t just take our word for it, you decide:

The Container Store Plastic Boxes vs Looksee Designs Acrylic Cases

The Container Store boxes are made from 100% plastic. Using cheaper grades of materials allows for a more affordable product; but the cheap plastic makes the boxes prone to scratches as well as breakage. Over time plastic made from injection molded materials causes a slight yellowing, as well as leaves a blue haze when initially removed from the mold. In contrast, all Looksee boxes are made with a much higher grade of plastic called acrylic. This higher quality of injection molded acrylic has no yellowing and scratching is very limited which usually can be buffed out. The acrylic produces a clear, transparent and glass like effect which gives a sleek and stylish look to the overall design.

It’s all about the drop face

Drop face boxes have revolutionized the way we store shoes. Long gone are the days when we had to stack our OG boxes and struggle to retrieve the box at the bottom of the pile. The Container Store drop face boxes allows for ease of storage and access to any shoe. The plastic clipped drop front, however, weakens over time causing the door to fall off or break. Looksee boxes, in contrast, are made with magnets that hold the door shut, so opening and closing the door reduces the stress to the overall box. The rest of the boxes that are stacked won’t budge when taking a pair of shoes out of a box due to the rubber reinforcements under each box.

What good is storing your shoes if you can’t see them?

As described earlier, the Container Store boxes are made from low grade plastic which gives a yellowish, cloudy appearance to the box, making the box not 100% visually clear. In other words, even though their boxes are advertised as “clear” it’s still difficult to see the shoes when it’s inside the box. With acrylic shoe boxes, there is 100 % transparency allowing the shoes to be fully visible. So, not only will you be able to access your shoes easily you will be able to spot your kick of choice.

Space is Key
When looking for the best shoe storage ideas, most buyers seek out space saving options. With its sleek, functional design the Looksee Designs™ Le Petite is half the height of the Container Store drop face box, making it more compact.

As avid shoppers and consumers, we like to have options. Currently the Container Store has limited options for shoe storage with basically a one-size-fits-all type of design. With Looksee Designs™ you are able to get a variety of products for any shoe storage ideas. With our customizing & laser options, we are also able to provide products that are more personalized to meet our customers overall needs.


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  • Lisa g on

    I’m glad you guys addressed this.You definitely showed me why a Looksee box is worth every penny and a better product overall. Will be purchasing some boxes from you soon for sure . Lisa G

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