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Mission Statement: 
Our goal is to deliver quality display products through innovation and design to every shoe enthusiast globally
Our company history:
After a year in the LED lighting business, CEO and founder James Silva researched unconventional ways to utilize LED lighting technology. Combined with his knowledge of LED lighting and a passion for collecting sneakers, the first generation Looksee Designs™ LED Display Case was developed.
A year later, in 2015, Looksee Designs™ was created as the premier provider in LED display and storage cases. Looksee Designs™ display cases are built with the highest grade of materials and innovative LED technology. The success of Looksee Designs™ was dependent on the research and testing performed by our designers, developers and manufacturing engineers. Looksee Designs™ currently provides unique products for storing shoes and showcasing a rare or special pair.
Naming the Company:
“Looksee” is often referred to a rare, player-exclusive, or prototype sample sneaker. As the idea for the display case evolved -to showcase a “looksee” or special pair, Looksee Designs™ was created.  
The First Launch:
The initial launch of Looksee Designs™ took place online on August, 2015. Our signature LED Display Case™ was available for pre-order and sold out within days. Following the online launch, Looksee Designs™ products were available for purchase at several U.S. retailers.
Our initial product line consisted of three sizes and designs: Le Grand Lux, Le Grand, and Le Petite.  A few months later, the Le Moyen was introduced. As developers, it is important that our products continue to represent our vision to deliver quality, creativity and innovative design.
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